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Benefits of a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Pizza. Just the word stirs cravings. What could be better? Oh, of course, a pizza prepared in a wood fired pizza oven. Now you’re really salivating, right?

An ilFornino wood fired pizza oven brings out a smoky flavor that is unmatched. It’s all about the fire and the rapid cook time that makes wood fired pizzas the best pizzas around. Baking at temperatures that can reach 650 degrees Fahrenheit or more, the pizza cooks in less than 2 minutes, which is important when you’re cooking a high volume of pizzas! And the crust… oh, the crust. Both crisp and puffy at the same time. And forget about soggy pizzas. With an ilFornino wood fired pizza oven, soggy pizzas are a thing of the past thanks to the One-Flat-Cooking-Surface™

The One-Flat-Cooking-Surface™ is offered in many ilFornino ovens such as the Professional Series, Professional Plus and soon will be offered in the Elite Plus Series. The flooring is made from a large slab of proprietary refractory material that is guaranteed to hold and distribute heat throughout the oven even after the fire has been extinguished. That means pizza crust remains soft and chewy with toppings crispier than when cooked in a traditional oven. Crispier and packed with nutrition that is normally baked out of vegetable toppings when made the traditional way. And let’s not forget about the cheese! The cheese practically oozes out a smoky essence that has you coming back for more.

Smoky cheese, puffy crust, crispy toppings, and a drizzling of olive oil applied to the hot pizza after it’s removed from the wood fired pizza oven… now that’s pizza! And if it’s savory bread or fresh-from-the-oven bagels you’re craving, the One-Flat-Cooking-Surface™ exceeds expectations. Delizioso!

ilFornino New York: In Search of the Perfect Italian Pizza

There’s nothing like a good slice of pizza from a wood fired pizza oven. Magnifico! But what is the secret for making the best pizza? That’s the question that drove the founder of ilFornino® New York, to Italy in search for ideas and inspirations for making authentic Italian pizzas in the ilFornino® wood fired pizza oven. His first stop was Portofino [...]

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ilFornino Quick San Marzano Pizza Sauce- Easy Simple the Real Taste for your ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven

This is a simple and quick recipe for your ilFornino wood fired pizza oven. San Marzano Tomatoes 28oz can Garlic 1 Clove Black Pepper/ Salt and Fresh Basil to taste Sugar (if needed to break the acidity) Remove the tomatoes from the can by using a fork leaving behind the sauce. Place the tomatoes in a pot on the stove. Mash the tomatoes using a fork [...]

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IlFornino Launches a New Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Offering the Taste and Tradition of Italy

IlFornino releases a Wood Fired Pizza Oven that will add a new dimension to family cooking fun and experience. Wood grilling involves balancing the pure taste of your ingredients with the natural wood flavor and aroma to create an amazing meal. These ovens are mostly liked by Chefs all over the world. Outdoor wood fired [...]

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ilFornino Ovens Delivery Questions? What to expect?

Here are few questions and answers about the delivery of your oven. Q. Who will be delivering my oven? A. Due to the size and weight of the ovens, they ship out via freight carriers such as UPS, Daylight Transportation, RLCarriers among the few. Q. Will the carrier call me to set up an appointment? A. Yes prior to delivery, the carrier will [...]

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ilFornino Cookbook with Chef Simca from Farms Kitchen

We are excited to team up with Chef Simca of Farms Kitchen to create the ilFornino Cookbook. “Simca Kraskova is a mom, wife, farmer and Chef. She enjoys raising and growing everything possible to use in her kitchen. Simca and her husband Mike, tend to their animals and a new organic garden. They enlist the help of their kids [...]

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ilFornino® New York, has moved to a new location....

ilFornino® New York, has moved to a new location.... Make an appointment today 1.877.302.6660 to come visit our showroom, just 45 minutes north of New York City. You can compare the ovens side by side. Have an Espresso or Coffee. Pick up your Wood Fired Pizza Oven in your truck or SUV to save the shipping fee. ilFornino® New [...]

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Ferragosto 2015

Ferragosto 2015 Italian Festival in Bronx, New York September 13th, 2015 – Noon to 6pm ilFornino New York  is proud to announce that for the second year we will will be showing our ovens in Ferragosto the "Little Italy of the Bronx" September 13th. Promos and giveaways will be given out during the fair. ilFornino will be located [...]

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ilFornino® is offering free oven assembly.

At ilFornino we strive to make the best portable wood fired pizza ovens.We are proud to announce that for a limited time we are offering free assembly on all of our ovens.This added perk allows the customer to start using his/her oven upon delivery with no assembly required except for the four screws that hold the chimney in place. "We [...]

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Unauthorized Replica of ilFornino® Basic Oven

Notice of Infringement. Since a few months, an increased amount of ilFornino® Oven replicas were found in the market. Several customers have complained and turned to us, believing having purchased an authentic ilFornino® Oven, but as a matter of fact they bought an unauthorized replica. Our legal department has been informed and we will institute legal proceedings against any person infringing on our trademark. We [...]

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