Video Testimonials

So what do people really think of ilFornino pizza ovens? Just ask our customers. Check out the video testimonials below featuring customers from restaurant owners to hobbyists on how they discovered us, what they love about our products and service, and why they’re thrilled they chose ilFornino.

ilFornino Professional Series- Wood Fired Oven Testimonial

Testimonial of ilFornino Ovens by ilFornino New York

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ilFornino Wood Fired Oven- Customer Review

Repeat Customer Review by ilFornino New York!

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ilFornino Platinum Plus Series- Wood Fired Oven Review

Platinum Plus Customer Pick Up by ilFornino

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ilFornino Wood Fired Oven Customer Testimonial

“ I purchased an a pizza oven from ilFornino. The reason why I decided to go with ilFornino was because my wife and I have visited the showroom. Chris was great in his explanation of pizza ovens and the comparison to other models. We really felt comfortable. In addition the online reviews were rave. I am looking forward to starting my pizza oven and making some pizzas.”

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Reasons why to buy IlFornino Wood Fired Oven!

Reasons why to buy ilFornino Ovens rather building your own!

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Happy Customer | Loading of ilFornino Wood Fired Oven

Loading Up the Oven at ilFornino New York.

“I have been looking all over for a wood fired pizza ovens and everyone was giving me the run around and prices were crazy until I came here to ilFornino. Great customer service great prices. I am going to recommend them to everyone I know. Great Job!”

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ilFornino Pizza Academy IPA, June 2019

ilFornino Pizza Academy by ilFornino.

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Bald Top Brewing at ilFornino Pizza Academy - Customer Testimonial

Bald Top Brewing was here at ilFornino Pizza Academy, to learn the art of wood-fired pizza making, from top New York Chef, Anthony Victor Lo Pinto. Bald Top is Virginia's first historic Farm Brewery and now they adding ilFornino Wood Fired Oven. Hope you will enjoy cooking in our wood fired oven as much as we enjoyed teaching you the art of making in it.

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ilFornino Pizza Academy Customer Testimonial | Pizza Making Classes

“We just took the class from Chris at ilFornino Pizza Academy, to know how to cook Pizzas and learned about our Pizza Oven. I can’t say enough good things about it, if you’re gonna make an investment like this you need to start out this way; good quality product with someone who really backs it up and helps educate you on how to use it. He is passionate in what he’s doing. We look forward to starting out with pizza, experiment it on steaks and other things.”

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Customer Testimonial - ilFornino Pizza Academy and Wood Fired Oven

“I just wanna say what a great experience it was. I purchased an ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven and came here for a personal Pizza class from Chris at ilFornino Pizza Academy. I love his passion for his product and their customer service is great. I would truly recommend anyone who is interested in cooking with a pizza oven to buying one from ilFornino.”

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