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ilFornino® Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Offering The Taste And Tradition Of Italy In Your Own Backyard.

Imagine lounging in your backyard surrounded by friends, drinking wine, and breathing in the scent of homemade pizzas baking in a traditional ilFornino® Wood Fired Pizza Oven. The warmth. The aroma. The taste. What more could you ask for? The ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven will bring the Mediterranean lifestyle to your home with unmatched authenticity, sure to delight the most discriminating of guests.

While traveling through Italy, I was fascinated by the way pizzas were made in Naples. The wood fired pizza ovens offered the traditional Italian flavors, famous throughout the world. But it wasn't just the taste that satisfied. I watched as people relaxed as they waited, chatting with each other and watching their pizzas bake in the ovens. They expressed no impatience as they slowed down and enjoyed life.

I knew right away that I wanted to bring this atmosphere home with me and create the same experience in New York. After several trips to Naples, my dream has arrived.

Inspired by the traditional ovens of Naples, Italy, ilFornino® New York Wood Fired Pizza Oven was born. Designed like no other oven, its portability and ease of use offers old world performance in a lightweight solution. All ilFornino® ovens are fully assembled when they arrive, with the exception of the chimney stack and cart, which is optional for outdoor kitchens and barbecue islands.

ilFornino® Wood Fired Pizza Oven - offering the taste and tradition of Italy in your own backyard.


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Customer Reviews

Easily, the best pizza I've had in a long time. I need to go back just to make it's real. Bravo!


Eric Avey17th July 20175 Star


Paul D. Cook4th June 20175 Star

I love my Il Fornino wood fired oven! I bought the Pro series, and it produces the most amazing pizzas. It heats up in under an hour, is well-built, and is easy to maintain. Their customer service is first-rate. They're a great company producing a great product!

Bill A

Bill A

Bill A27th April 20185 Star

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