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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Introducing the Nino Wood Fired Oven from ilFornino®: A Pizza Oven for The Pizza Expert in You! New York, NY - ilFornino®, the leading manufacturer of wood - fired ovens, is excited to announce the release of its newest product, the Nino Wood Fired Oven. This oven is the real deal, designed for pizza experts who crave authentic wood - fired pizza at home. Unlike other pizza ovens, the Nino Wood Fired Oven features a real wood - fired flooring made of one piece that is 1 ¼ “ thick. This is not your average pizza stone found in other ovens. The oven's flooring is designed to provide the perfect balance of heat, allowing for the crispy crust and soft, chewy center that pizza enthusiasts love. An optional gas burner that promises to make cooki ng a breeze is also available for the Nino oven. The Nino Wood Fired Oven is also unique in that it uses real wood for the fire. The oven can handle larger logs, and there are no pellets that could be harmful to your health or the health of your family whi le inhaling the smoke. The oven's roaring flames are real wood flames that hug the dome from left to right, the way pizza ovens are intended, not from back to front. We are thrilled to announce that the Nino, will be available in five stunning colors - bla ck, dark blue, copper, red, and stainless steel - allowing customers to choose the perfect hue that matches their personal style and preferences. Get ready to elevate your home entertainment experience with the Nino! This is not a toaster oven or a camping oven. The Nino Wood Fired Oven is a solid piece of equipment weighing about 60 lbs. It is UL/NSF certified . "We are thrilled to bring the Nino Wood Fired Oven to pizza enthusiasts," said the ilFornino® team. "Our goal is to provide a pizza oven that deliv ers a truly authentic wood - fired pizza experience at home. With the Nino Wood Fired Oven, we believe we've achieved that." The Nino Wood Fired Oven from ilFornino® will be available starting March 20 th, 2023. Pizza lovers can get their hands on this authen tic wood - fired oven by visiting the ilFornino® website to get there oven direct. About ilFornino®: ilFornino® is a leading manufacturer of wood - fired ovens, providing high - quality products to pizza enthusiasts and restaurants across the globe. With a pass ion for authentic wood - fired pizza, ilFornino® is committed to delivering products that provide the perfect balance of heat and flavor, so users can enjoy delicious pizza from the comfort of their own homes.