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Domestic Truck Freight Carriers Delivery

White Glove Delivery

White Glove Delivery

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We Ship Worldwide

Free Pick Up At Our Warehouse

If you have the means to pick up your oven at our location, you can save the cost of shipping. We will inform you of the availability of your oven for pick up. Before attempting this, it is important to make sure that the dimensions of the packed oven are understood and will fit safely in your pick-up vehicle. Be mindful of any potential shifting due to turns, and acceleration and deceleration. Heavy duty ropes or ties may be necessary to secure the unit in place. 

We'll Deliver It To You

lFornino ovens are delivered using Truck Freight Carriers such as UPS Freight, R&L Carriers, Daylight, Ward and FedEx Freight to the 48 Contiguous United States for a flat rate. We do ship Internationally via freight forwarding companies. Truck freight delivery comes with a lift-gate service for residential areas. With the included lift-gate service the crate will be lowered to the ground from the truck. You are responsible for transporting your oven once it has been unloaded from the truck. It is suggested that a dolly, strong hand-truck, forklift or a bunch of strong people are available to facilitate safe installation. You will be contacted as to a date and timeframe for your delivery. A person 18 years or older needs to sign for the delivery. As with any freight delivery, you must inspect the package for any sign of damage and note the details on both copies of your delivery receipt and take photos of the area in question. If the damage seems extensive, do no accept the delivery from the carrier. Damage to packaging does not always mean that the unit has suffered any damage, as we go to great lengths to insure a safe transit. You will be responsible for the unpacking and removal of any packing materials that need to be disposed of, as the trucker has other packages that need to be delivered and cannot assist in this effort. ilFornino is not responsible for any issues that may arise with respect to the unit not being able to fit through doors or passageways to its final resting place. That is why it is important to measure your pathway properly and take into account things such as doorknobs, and any opening restrictions. Keep in mind; you may need to temporarily place the oven on its side in order to get through a door or hallway. Care must be taken to make sure the oven floor is either not present, or secured in its place to avoid damage. 

What Do I Need To Do When The IlFornino Oven Arrives?

It is customer responsibility upon delivery of ilFornino wood-fired ovens. Almost all our units are delivered with no damage and can be signed off on without a problem. However, in order to ensure you are protected, we request that you thoroughly inspect your shipped item upon receiving using the following checklist explained in this video.

White Glove Delivery & Professional Installation

We offer delivery and professional installation service in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. With this service our delivery team will transport your oven to the desired area and professionally install it. This service is limited to NY, NJ and CT. Please call us to confirm your address can be serviced. Please provide any information as to the preferred path to you installation location, as well as any dimensions to get to that location, including floor level if not on the ground floor. Emailing photos of the pathway and final resting place would help in this effort. Our qualified staff will deliver, unpack, install and remove all packing debris. Your oven will be ready to use and enjoy.

In rare occasions, the only practical solution to install your oven may be to utilize a crane to get to the area in question. We will need to add that expense to the overall cost of installation.

International Delivery

We can ship ovens as well as accessories to International locations and for US States Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico as allowed by U.S Law. Make sure you understand your responsibility when the unit arrives, such as additional freight from port, insurance, and duty, if any. Contact Us

If you need help? Please call us at (877) 302-6660. We are always happy to assist you.

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