Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Wood fired pizza oven vs gas fired pizza Oven
A.  There are a few key differences between wood fired pizza ovens and gas pizza ovens that are worth considering when deciding which type of oven is right for you.
One difference is the fuel source. Wood fired ovens use wood as their primary fuel source, while gas ovens use either natural gas or propane. Wood fired ovens may be more environmentally friendly, as wood is a renewable resource, but gas ovens may be more convenient and easier to use, as they do not require the purchase and storage of wood.
Another difference is the way that heat is produced and distributed. Wood fired ovens rely on the radiant heat produced by the burning wood and the walls of the oven, while gas ovens use a burner to produce heat that is then circulated throughout the oven. Gas ovens with a proper jet burner can produce heat that is similar to a wood fired oven, as the flames are able to go up and circulate in the dome. However, gas ovens with a pipe burner or a BBQ burner may not be able to achieve the same results as a wood fired oven, as they do not produce the same level of heat or flame distribution.
Overall, both wood fired pizza ovens and gas ovens can produce excellent results, but the choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the fuel source, the way that heat is produced and distributed, and the convenience and maintenance requirements of each type of oven before making a decision.
Q. Where to buy a wood fired pizza oven
If you are in the market for a wood fired pizza oven, ilFornino is a great place to shop. One of the key benefits of purchasing from ilFornino is that they sell their products directly to consumers, rather than through retailers or distribution channels. This means that you don't have to pay the retail commission, which can often result in inflated item price.
In addition to offering competitive pricing, ilFornino's wood fired pizza ovens are known for their high-quality features. For example, they feature a flat, one-piece cooking area which allows for even heat distribution and makes it easier to bake pizzas and other dishes. They also offer height adjustable stands, making it easy to customize the cooking height to suit your needs.
Another unique feature of ilFornino's wood fired pizza ovens is their hybrid option, which allows you to enjoy the authentic flavor of a wood-fired oven while also having the convenience of a gas-fired option. This means you can enjoy the real flame of a wood-fired oven, but with the added flexibility of being able to switch to gas if needed. Overall, ilFornino's wood fired pizza ovens offer a lot of value for the price.
By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you can avoid paying the retail commission and get a high-quality product at a more reasonable price. So, it is a win-win situation for the consumer.
Q. Why use a wood fired Oven
There are several reasons why someone might choose to use a wood fired pizza oven. One reason is the amazing flavor that can be achieved with this type of oven. The high heat and smoky flavor of the wood adds a depth of flavor to the pizza that cannot be matched by a gas or electric oven.
Another reason to use a wood fired pizza oven is that it can be a great conversation piece at parties or gatherings. The sight of the glowing embers and the aroma of the wood smoke can be a real draw for guests, and cooking in a wood fired pizza oven can be a fun and interactive experience.
Finally, using a wood fired pizza oven can be a fun and rewarding way to be your own chief and cook for your family. The process of starting a fire and tending it while cooking can be a satisfying and enjoyable experience, and the results are sure to please even the most discerning palates. Overall, a wood fired pizza oven can be a unique and enjoyable addition to any home cooking setup.
Q. How do wood fired pizza oven work?
Wood fired pizza ovens work by using wood as the fuel source to generate heat. The wood is typically placed in a chamber at the base of the oven, and as it burns, it produces heat that is transferred to the cooking chamber above. The heat is then radiated outward from the walls of the cooking chamber, cooking the pizza from all sides.
To use a wood fired pizza oven, the first step is to start a fire in the wood chamber. This is typically done by placing kindling and smaller pieces of wood in the chamber and lighting them with a match or lighter. Once the fire is started, larger pieces of wood can be added to keep the fire burning and the oven heated.
Once the oven has heated up to the desired temperature (typically around 750-800 degrees Fahrenheit for pizza), the pizza can be placed on a pizza peel and slid onto the hot cooking surface. The pizza will cook quickly, usually in just a few minutes, due to the high heat and radiant cooking method. Once the pizza is cooked to your liking, it can be removed from the oven using the peel and served hot.
Overall, wood fired pizza ovens are a unique and enjoyable way to cook pizza and other dishes at home. The high heat and smoky flavor imparted by the wood make for a truly delicious and authentic pizza experience.
Q. Are wood fired pizza oven worth it?
In our opinion, wood fired pizza ovens are definitely worth it. There are several reasons why someone might consider investing in one of these ovens.
First, wood fired pizza ovens can be a great way to bring people together and create a sense of community. Cooking and eating together around a wood fired oven can be a fun and social activity that brings friends and family closer together. The process of starting a fire, tending it while cooking, and enjoying the results together can be a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Second, wood fired pizza ovens can be a great addition to social gatherings and parties. The sight and aroma of the glowing embers and wood smoke can be a real draw for guests, and the process of cooking in a wood fired oven can be a fun and interactive experience. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or a backyard barbecue, a wood fired pizza oven can be a unique and memorable feature.
Finally, wood fired pizza ovens can be a healthy and easy way to cook. The high heat of the oven allows for quick cooking times, which can help preserve the nutrients in food. Additionally, the lack of added fats and oils typically required for cooking in a traditional oven can make for a healthier finished product. Overall, wood fired pizza ovens are a versatile and enjoyable addition to any home cooking setup, and we believe they are definitely worth the investment.
Q. Which wood fired pizza oven is best?
When it comes to choosing the best wood fired pizza oven, there are several factors to consider. The materials used in the construction of the oven, the heat retention capabilities, the ease of use, and the portability of the oven are all important considerations. Companies like ilFornino offer a variety of rainless steel ovens and refractory ovens that are made of high quality materials to offer the best of both worlds.
One thing to look for in a wood fired pizza oven is the materials used in its construction. Ovens made from brick, stone, or ceramics tend to be more durable and able to retain heat better than those made from metal or other materials. However, stainless steel ovens have become increasingly popular due to their durability and ability to retain heat. ilFornino offers a range of stainless steel ovens that are made with high quality materials and designed to offer excellent heat retention and durability. Additionally, ilFornino also offers refractory ovens, which are made with a special type of brick that is able to retain heat exceptionally well. These ovens offer the best of both worlds, with the durability and heat retention of traditional brick ovens combined with the ease of use and maintenance of modern ovens.
Another factor to consider is the ease of use of the oven. Some ovens may require more tending and maintenance in order to keep the fire burning and the temperature consistent, while others may be more self-contained and require less attention. ilFornino's ovens are designed with ease of use in mind, with features like easy-to-clean surfaces and built-in temperature gauges making them a popular choice for those who want a hassle-free cooking experience.
Finally, portability is another factor to consider when choosing a wood fired pizza oven. If you plan to move the oven around or take it with you on trips, you'll want to choose one that is lightweight and easy to transport. Stainless steel ovens tend to be on the heavier side, but they are still portable and can be easily moved with the right equipment. ilFornino's ovens are designed with portability in mind, with lightweight materials and easy-to-use handles making them easy to move when needed. On the other hand, if you plan to keep the oven in one place, portability may be less of a concern.
Overall, the best wood fired pizza oven for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the factors outlined above and do your research to find an oven that meets your needs and budget. ilFornino offers a range of high quality stainless steel and refractory ovens that are worth considering as you make your decision.
Q. Wood fired pizza ovens with gas?
A. It is possible to find wood fired pizza ovens that use gas as a fuel source, in addition to or instead of wood. However, it is important to note that not all gas-fired ovens are created equal. In order to have a truly effective gas-fired pizza oven, it is necessary to have a high-quality burner that is capable of reaching and maintaining the high temperatures necessary for cooking pizza.
One type of burner that is commonly used in commercial pizzerias and is suitable for use in a home wood fired pizza oven is the jet burner. These burners are designed to burn gas efficiently and reach high temperatures, making them an ideal choice for cooking pizza. ilFornino is one company that offers wood fired pizza ovens with jet burners, which are designed to provide the same level of performance as those used in commercial pizzerias.
It is worth noting that not all companies that offer gas-fired pizza ovens use jet burners. Some use BBQ burners, which are designed for lower temperature cooking and may not be suitable for cooking pizza. It is important to do your research and choose a gas-fired pizza oven that uses a jet burner in order to ensure the best performance and results.
Overall, wood fired pizza ovens that use gas as a fuel source can be a convenient and effective way to cook pizza and other dishes at home. However, it is important to choose an oven with a high-quality burner, such as a jet burner, in order to achieve the best results. ilFornino is one company that offers wood fired pizza ovens with jet burners, and is worth considering if you are in the market for a gas-fired pizza oven or a Hybrid.
Q. Wood fired pizza ovens not getting hot enough?
A. If your wood fired pizza oven is not getting hot enough, there could be a number of possible causes. Here are a few things to consider:
  1. The wood may not be dry enough. It is important to use properly seasoned wood when cooking in a wood fired oven, as wet or unseasoned wood will not burn as efficiently and will not produce as much heat. Make sure you are using properly seasoned wood, and consider using a moisture meter to ensure that the wood is dry enough to burn well.
  2. The type of wood may be a factor.Different types of wood burn at different rates and produce different amounts of heat. Hardwoods like oak and hickory tend to burn more slowly and produce more heat than softer woods like pine or poplar. If you are using a wood that burns too quickly or too slowly, it may be affecting the heat output of your oven.
  3. The quality of the oven might also be a factor. If the oven is made from inferior materials or is poorly constructed, it may not be able to retain heat as efficiently or reach the high temperatures needed for cooking pizza and other dishes. Make sure to choose an oventhat is made from high quality materials and is well-insulated in order to ensure that it performs at its best.
  4. The fire may not be heating up properly. If the fire is not burning brightly and consistently, it may not be producing enough heat to get the oven up to temperature. This could be due to poor ventilation, a lack of airflow, or a problem with the fire itself. Make sure that the chimney or flue is open and the air intake is properly adjusted to allow for proper airflow.

Overall, there are a number of factors that could be contributing to a wood fired pizza oven not getting hot enough. Make sure you are using dry, properly seasoned wood and that the fire is burning brightly and consistently, and choose an oven that is made from high quality materials in order to ensure that your oven is able to reach and maintain the high temperatures needed for cooking pizza and other dishes.
Q. Where is this oven made?
A. ilFornino Professional Series is assembled in Valley Cottage, New York. Firebrick is made Buffalo, New York.
Q. Is the interior dome a solid weld construction or different?
A. The dome is all a solid weld. I hope this helps.
Q. Can you pick this up in New York to save shipping cost?
A. Yes you can pick it up from New York.
Q. Is the inside shape a dome or a tunnel?
A. Tunnel dome.
Q. Where is the stainless sourced from?
A. Stainless Steel is sourced from US, Canada, Mexico and China.
Q. How hot does Piccolino oven get?
A. The maximum temperature we've had it up to 600 degrees. It is an amazing pizza oven!
Q. What is the maximum temperature Professional Oven can get?
A. The Professional can go up to 1000 F
Q. What is the shipping weight of Professional Series Oven?
A. The ilFornino Professional Series is about 400LBS.
Q. What is the total cooking surface for the Professional Wood Fired model?
A. The cooking area is about 1007 square inches. 38" L x 26.5" W x 13" H
Q. What comes with F series Mini Professional oven?
A. You get the Oven, Oven Door, Chimney, One Peel, Brush/Scraper and a Manual.
Q. How much does Elite Oven weigh?
A. The ilFornino Elite weighs about 500 lbs.
Q. What are the upgrades from the Basic Wood Fired Oven?
A. Due to the size and weight of the ovens, they ship out via freight carriers such as UPS, Daylight Transportation, RLCarriers among the fewThere are 3 major upgrades. Floor is the one-flat-cooking surface. Basic oven is made out of several bricks and not a flat slab. The floor has different properties info is available at Manufacturer website. 2. Thicker Stainless Steel. 3. Double the insulation thus retains the heat at a much better rate.
Q. What kind of cooking utensils do you recommend?
A. We recommend using several peels

These are the recommended cooking vessels to use in your ilfornino wood fired pizza oven: cast iron vessels, like a skillet or a Dutch oven.

Q. I have seen similar ovens online how do I know I am buying the original ilFornino, New York Oven?
A. All ilFornino ovens come with our logo engraved on the front. It also comes with a serial number. If you are in doubt call us to verify before you buy.
Q. Can you add a longer chimney?
A. Yes you can add a longer chimney as needed. You have to buy an aftermarket extension. If you planning to use your oven indoors with an extension, check your local code for the necessary ventilation requirements. An exhaust fan may be needed to accomplish this.
Q. Can you put masonry stone on the outside?
A. Yes that is possible so you can use it as an insert simply create your own design. When doing so, make sure you use high-temperature cement to hold bricks in place.
Q. Can you brick around it?
A. I can’t imagine a reason that you couldn’t. I’m going to build mine into an outdoor kitchen (my winter project).
Q. What is the height at the top of the smokestack?
A. Two things:
If you are using the stand I get 82 inches. If you have a variable height stand, this too will vary.
No stand -say countertop, etc. 32 inches. Works amazingly well!!
Q. Is there handles to lift the unit from the base?
A. Yes all ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Ovens come with four handles, two per side that can be screwed in to lift the oven.
Q. Are the handles removable?
A. The side handles are removable, in fact, the unit is shipped with them not assembled.
Q. Can you put a bed of sand or something else under the fire brick to keep them from being uneven after they heat up?
A. The unevenness of the brick doesn't affect the pizza at all, so don't sweat it. Don't push the fire towards the back of the oven, push it more towards the side and the fire will bank over the top and your pizza will cook perfectly!
Q. Will the stainless steel warp over time with the high heat?
A. I have been using mine for four years with no signs of any warping.
Q. Are the ovens rust proof?
A. The only truly rust proof stainless steel is the grade that is used on boats and other marine applications. As you are well aware, everything on a boat is ridiculously expensive. If our ovens were made of this type of steel, you probably could buy a boat for the price. Having said that, the stainless steel used in our ovens is Rust Resistant. That is to say, if cared for properly, some of the surface spots can be prevented or even removed. If you live in a coastal or highly humid location, ilFornino offers a coating process that can be applied at the time of purchase to add an extra layer of protection.
Q. I've seen two questions or answers that reference the dome on this oven containing refractory bricks. I don't see that listed in the description?
A. Except for the Elite Series, The dome is made of two layers of stainless steel separated by high-temperature refractory fiber blankets. There are no bricks. If built with bricks the heating time will be 2 1/2 hours and the weight would be substantially increased. This oven should reach a cooking temperature in 35-40 minutes. I hope this helps.  
Q. Is there a glass cover that can be purchased so I can view what I am cooking without having to open the cover door?
A. No. That wouldn’t work. Remember that this oven gets super hot! I’ve recorded temps of 750 degrees f. It’s so hot you can’t handle to metal door without protective gloves. So a glass shield would crack as would most other materials.... Don’t look at it. Feel it in your soul! Believe me, it works.
Q. Is it worth to upgrade to the platinum? It's a lot more money and maybe more insulated?
A. Yes worth it. Keep that heat in as long as possible to be able to use the oven for other things then pizza like bread or roasting or you name it.
Q. What temp, does the outside of the oven get when the inside is 700/800 degrees can the outside be touched with your hand without getting burned?
A. You can not touch outside with bare hands. It gets pretty hot
Q. Can I purchase the oven without the cart, I want to make it an outdoor countertop oven?
A. Absolutely.  You can remove the top and use it on an alternative surface such as, on top of an outdoor kitchen. As long as the surface is strong enough to support the weight of the oven, and is not affected by heat, you should have no problem doing so.
Q. What surface is safe to put my wood fired oven on?
A. Depends on which oven you purchase, most ovens can be placed on an outdoor counter. It’s not a good idea to place the wood fired oven on any wooden surfaces. We recommend stainless, concrete slab & granite (with granite use a ceramic board under the oven) consult with your granite dealer for further assistance or call our technical team for help.
Q. Could the base and casters be removed so it could be mounted on an outdoor countertop?
A. Yes, the oven sits on the base. It is not bolted in, so you can remove it and mount it on an outdoor countertop.
Q. Do you have to purchase the base / casters with this, or can you just purchase the oven piece. I plan on constructing my own permanent base?
A. I believe it is all one item, the oven just sits on the base, once you remove the bricks it is very light to lift. I would suggest calling the vendor he was very helpful when I made my purchase.
Q. Can I use the wood fired ovens for indoors and outdoors?
A. Certain ovens can be used for indoors. Please contact us for more details so we can assist you in finding the right oven that will best fit your needs.
Q. Can the pizza oven be built into an outdoor fireplace?
A. There are a few factors to consider. The existing fireplace must be at a height that makes it conducive for baking pizza. Typically, a fireplace is much lower to the ground so that heat that radiates can start from the floor up. While it may not be practical to build it into the existing fireplace, I would recommend that you place it next to a fireplace. I would avoid placing it directly over the fireplace, as it would impede your access to the oven if the fireplace was operational.
Q. Can it be left outdoors?
A. Yes. All of our ovens are designed to be used outdoors. Like anything else you keep outdoors, a cover will be a plus. However, if you choose to not use a cover and many have been successful doing so, you must incorporate a shield or hat over the chimney top. This is required to keep water from a horizontal driving rain out of the chimney. This problem is magnified when the floor of the oven is extremely hot, as the cold water may impact the integrity of the oven floor.
Q. What type of wood do we require to start the fire?
A. Any dry hardwood that contains no oils or sap should work. Kindling is small sticks or chips that catch fire quickly and spread the fire to the final large logs you intend on using.
Q. What kind of wood do I have to use?
A. We recommend using hardwood for our wood fired pizza ovens. A mixture of oak, apple, and ash is ideal to use. It’s important that the wood and kindling wood be dry. Kiln dry wood is the best as the moisture level is about 20%. The moisture level should be at 20% no more no less. Below 20% means it’s extremely dry and will burn fast. Over 20% you will get a lot of moisture and no heat making a lot of black smoke. Learn more Choosing, Purchasing and Handling Wood for your Wood Fired Oven.
Q. Is there a way to insert a natural gas log lighter under the wood to get it going? Is there a port to slide one in?
A. There is no port to slide one in. Having said that, using a gas lighter is possible but only via the door opening, without any modification. I would first place the burner under the chimney opening to heat up the air in the tube. This will help create an upward draft. The woodpile should be positioned under the chimney for maximum effect. Once the wood is burning, replace the door with a 2 inch crack on one side to promote a draft up the chimney. We have heard of some people who dry out their logs in an indoor oven for several hours before using. Absent moisture, they will go up in flames quickly.  Most people start their ovens by using 5 pieces of newspaper, about 12 pieces of well-dried split kindling and a single match to get a fire going. Takes a full hour to get the entire oven warmed up.  There are many YouTube videos that show the best ways to light a pizza fire.
Q. Once the wood burns out, does the oven retain the heat? For how long?
A. The answer to this is quite variable and riddled with conditions. It would depend on how much wood and how long the initial burn occurred. It can also depend on what position the chimney damper is left in. Retaining heat is also subjective, as heat decreases over time and different items require different temperatures in order to cook properly. One needs to understand how long a time period a particular temperature range is being held to determine the usefulness for cooking certain items. So, as you can see, it is very difficult to answer based on the variables. However, the short answer might be something like 8 hours over a useful range. Based on the quantity of wood first used, you may want to keep the chimney damper fully opened to keep the high temperature for longer periods and insure full combustion of the wood to become powdery embers. Once your desired temperature is achieved, you might want to shut the damper to retain as much heat as possible for the longest time.
Q. How long does it take for the oven to heat up?
A. Depends on which portable wood fired oven you purchased, most ovens take 25-45 minutes to heat up to the desired temperature. For specifics please see product description.
Q. This looks like a wood-fired oven. Can we also use coal to heat it?
A. Yes but only when the smoke stops the smoke contains toxins
Q. What else can you cook in the oven?
A. The list is endless. Anything you can cook in your home oven can be cooked in your wood fired oven. An example will be steak, chicken, fish, bread and off course pizza. What you can cook is dependent on the state of the temperature of the oven. When flames are present, fire-roasted foods can be cooked. Flames are a pre-requisite for pizza, as it is necessary to char the top and reheat the floor temperature. As it cools, your choice of foods to cook will depend on the level of temperature.  The last available function of the oven, hours later, it to reheat or keep food warm.
Q. Is it really hot enough in 22 mins to cook a Neapolitan pizza?
A. Yes!! Our oven gets well beyond 500 degrees. Cooking time will depend also on dough thickness and how even the fire is. The oven is worth the money. We are still learning but love it.
Q. What's capacity? How long does it take to cook standard size and how many can be fit into it at once?
A. Two minutes all it takes if you have making and one baking you can do it in two minutes one at a time it takes longer to make them I did 110 3hrs
Q. Is the opening good enough for food other than pizza? Looking at this vs 40” necessario?
A. Cooking a 10 lb prime rib for fathers day
Q. Can you bake bread, roast, or beans in this oven?
A. Yes I have baked bread , Roasted a Turkey a Sirloin of Beef and baked beans . Let the flames die down temp drops to 400 for bread and roasting .
Q. What is the largest size pizza circumference-wise that can fit in the oven?
A. As big as you would possibly need. We make our pizza's 12". We can cook two at a time in about 2 minutes. You could possibly make a pizza 24" round. It will fit, but good luck trying to maneuver it easily.
Q. How long does the oven hold heat for once fire is out ? Looking do roasts or even a large turkey?
A. I’ve cooked a pizza in the Afternoon and did a 12” fillet roast in about twenty minutes and the oven temp was still showing 400 degrees. I believe I could have done ribs as well as the fire died down. Maybe Adding small pieces of wood
Q. If I cook other foods in the oven and spill juices or sauces on the oven floor – what will happen?
A. Most drippings should be fine as the heat will burn it up.
Q. How do you keep the ash from the logs getting on the pizza?
A. The oven comes with a floor brush. Once you establish a good fire on the floor where you will place the pizza, push the fire back into the oven to one side with the brush then brush the floor. You can also use Log Guard to keep the logs in one place.
Q. How to clean the pizza stone?
A. There are two issues here. Cleaning the stone as it is being heated up and get it ready for cooking, and cleaning the stone after food may have dripped on it during cooking and dealing with it afterward. Right before cooking pizza: Once you are satisfied that your oven floor temperature is evenly hot enough, push your flaming wood to one side (or back) to clear the deck for cooking. This would require a brush/scraper, and optional flame guard to maximize floor space and contain the falling coals. However, no matter how much you brush the surface, there will always have dust remaining on the floor. This is extremely undesirable and needs to be removed. Don't be tempted to slap the surface with you metal peel to push the dust away, as it can gouge the surface of the floor and create small holes. Some have used a damp cloth placed on the bottom of the turning peel and swept the deck. This works well but needs to be done properly so as not to be too wet to cause stress cracks on the floor material. Also, be mindful that introducing a damp cloth may lower the temperature of the floor that you so carefully heated up. The best option would be to use a blowpipe to carefully blow the dust out of the way.  Start from the front of the oven, and work your way back. It is quick and easy and should be repeated between pies to remove any burned flour or semolina that may have found its way on the deck.
Q. How do you clean the oven?
A. Cleaning inside the oven: use a brush. Brush the ashes and debris to the back of the oven. Some ilFornino ovens have ash drawers. In that case you will brush the ashes into the drawer and empty it when full. If your ilFornino unit does not have an ash drawer you can use a metal dust pan and a brush to clean the floor. Before you discard any ashes make sure the oven and ashes have cooled down – this should be done the next day to prevent any fire hazard. Always discard ashes in a metal bucket. Cleaning the outside of the oven: Clean the arch with stainless cleaner (Barkeepers Friend cleanser) – go with the gain of the stainless steel on the arch. Use this cleaner for the arch of the oven only. Clean the rest of the body with a stainless steel cleaner.
Q. How big and heavy is the box for the oven?
A. The Oven is about 150LBS boxed. The oven weight and its precise dimensions are listed in the detailed description of each model. It is made out of two parts the stand and the oven. The stand is about 50 lbs. and oven about 100 lbs. At ilFornino, we understand that transporting these heavy objects, without damage, require sturdy and substantial packaging. Use of a dolly and more than one strong person is recommended when it arrives and needs to be brought to its final location. Lifting handles are provided to make this task much safer, as it keeps your fingers out of harm's way.
Q. Does it arrive in one (heavy) package or several lighter ones?
A. CThe oven cones created. The cart is shipped on top of the crate fully assembled. So upon arrival, you will unload the cart first then place the oven on top of the cart they roll it to your desired location.
Q. How big is the shipping packaging. Can it fit in a mid-size SUV?
A. If you plan on picking your oven up, the oven will fit in a mid-size SUV but the base will have to be disassembled.
Q. How heavy is the oven assembled as I would like it assembled prior to delivery?
A. The oven comes pre-assembled however the support stand and chimney needs assembly when everything arrives. Took me about an hour to assemble the stand and I recruited four neighbors to lift the oven onto the stand. You have to be mindful of the width and height of any door restrictions when the oven is delivered. In some cases, it may need to be placed on its side to slip in your home. A small dolly may help to get the oven components into position.
Q. Is it easy to unload and manually transport to the backyard or do I need to rent any kind of machine?
A. Two people can easily lift. Comes with handles that you just screw on then remove when sitting on the stand. The stand comes disassembled. The oven is one unit but not super heavy. Unassembled items can be placed on a dolly and transported to your final assembly location. A sturdy hand-truck may also help.
Q. Will this be delivered with lift gate service to my residence?
A. Yes this item will be delivered with a lift gate service. Let us know if you have any further questions.
Q. How long does it take to assemble the oven?
A. All of our ovens come pre-assembled except for the chimney.  Simply use a phillips head screwdriver and mount the 4 screws that hold it in place.  The cart is also pre-assembled free of charge.  Simply put the oven on top of the pre-assembled cart, roll it to the desired location, and install the chimney!
Q. How many people do I need to carry the oven?
A. Depending on the ilFornino oven you are planning on buying, they range in weight between 150LBS to 350LBS. For example the ilFornino Basic is about 175 LBS. On average two strong people should be able to carry it.
Q. I see you have handles in the picture? Do they come with all ovens?
A. All of out ilFornino Ovens comes with carrying handles. On certain ovens the handles screw in two per side while others have the handles built in.
Q. Do I need to hire help to assemble the oven?
A. All of our wood fired pizza ovens come assembled except for the chimney. The chimney is secured on top of the oven by four screws. You might need help in the placement of your oven.
Q. Who will be delivering my oven?
A. Due to the size and weight of the oven, they ship out via freight carriers such as UPS, Daylight Transportation, RLCarriers among the few.
Q. Will the carrier call me to set up an appointment?
A. Yes prior to delivery, the carrier will contact you on the provided number. They will set up a time with you for delivery.
Q. Do I have to be at home the day of the delivery?
A. Someone has to be home to sign for the shipment. If the driver attempts to deliver and no one is home, a re-delivery charge of $80 will be applied. The freight company will contact us to notify us that the customer was not at home, we will call you for the re-delivery charge then the freight company will do another attempt to re-deliver.
Q. Can someone else other than me sign for the delivery?
A. Yes, you can have any person sign for the delivery even your neighbor.
Q. What shall I expect on the delivery date?
A. Upon delivery the freight carrier will bring your oven. They will unload it from the truck via a liftgate. They will place it in your driveway.
Q. Can I expect the freight carrier to place it on my deck or in my backyard?
A. No, the drivers are not responsible nor are paid to place your oven in your backyard or on your deck.
Q. Can I pick up my oven?
A. Yes, you can call us at 914-347-3178 to set up an appointment to pick up your oven. Upon pick up we will load it in your vehicle.
Q. Will the shipper carry it to my backyard?
A. No the delivery company will deliver to the driveway only. ilFornino ships the cart assembled so as to save the customer time in putting it together. It is a courtesy on their end. The oven is assembled too. So you can put the oven on top of the cart and roll it to your backyard. It will help if you have a paved path. I hope this helps.
Q. What is the shipping container dimensions? Is it on a pallet? If taller than wide can it be laid down? I'm thinking about picking up in NY.
A. The oven can be packed compact. For pick up, you can choose to get the cart unassembled thus saving you space. The Professional Series can fit in a compact size SUB like Honda CRV for example.
Q. What is the weight? Is it easily moveable? Can it withstand being loaded on and off of a trailer?
A. Very heavy, but once on the cart it’s easily moveable. It’s certainly robust enough to withstand being loaded on and off a trailer, but you’ll either need a forklift or 4 guys.
Q. What are the delivery options available for International Shipping?
A. Not sure what your response typically is, but one can contact a Foreign Freight Forwarder to ship ovens overseas. Consolidation by shipping companies that specialize in personal effects, is also an option. I would want it to be secure in a shipping container and not out on the deck of a ship. To learn more about intenation shipping, click here
Q: Is there any Protective coating for ovens for anyone who live in extremely humid areas?
A. ilFoShield™ Protective Coating Shield by ilFornino $129.95
ilFornino resources the best steel for manufacturing the units and yet maintain a good quality at a reasonable cost.
Lets face it. Short of GOLD and TITANIUM, stainless steel my show signs of rust in extreme climatic conditions. As ilFornino is aware of this phenomenon, they have researched and come up with a coating option that is invisible and is baked into the unit and the stand, to enhance resistance to those conditions. So if you live near a lake, ocean or extremely humid areas, you may want to consider this option when ordering your unit. This option should be chosen when first ordering.
If you have any questions, please contact the sales department for additional information. This offer is only offered by ilFornino and again shows its commitment to excellence.

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