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ilFornino carries a wide variety of high quality pizza ovens that offer the right size , budget and look for your outdoor kitchen. The high quality stainless steel will blend well the various built-in barbeques. These units can be built –in or simply set atop an already existing countertop. What is even more impressive is that the ilFornino Professional Plus has an adjustable high stand that can be positioned at the proper level. This is important if you simply want to keep the unit portable and butt up against your outdoor kitchen. Plus, if you live in a coastal area close to salt water, you can ask about a special protective coating that can be applied at time of purchase. This coating will protect you oven from oxidation, as only very expensive marine grade steel is truly rust proof. Discuss this option at time of purchase with your sales representative. Alternatively, you could even build a customer cathedral around your oven for a unique look.

Salient Features Of ilFornino Woodfired Pizza Ovens

We take pride in building the most robust, durable oven available


Variable Flue Adjustment Damper

Allows for control of internal air flow, and can be closed off to retain internal heat.

spark arrestor chimney

Removable Chimney

Allows for convenient transportation, storage and potential future modification.


Removable Ash Box

Aids in cleaning the oven on certain models from ashes by simply sweeping into the box area, and sliding out the box once the wood has done its work and cooled. The box can support more than one cook to consolidate the ashes and reduce the work.

Pizza Oven thermometer

Offset Door Mounted Thermometer

A spacer between the back of the thermometer and the oven door is provided to prevent excessive direct heating of the back of the thermometer and potential discoloration of the face. Replacement thermometers are available if you need to replace them.


Modern Design

  • The modern barrel shape is efficient yet eye pleasing.
  • The curved ceiling allows for the flames to lick across and reheat the oven floor.
  • The Platinum Series offers a unique angular look that is expertly welded and finished. The Elite Series offers a more traditional dome shape for a more traditional look.

Modern Ceramic Insulation

  • Modern Ceramic insulation of various thicknesses, depending on the model, are sandwiched in-between stainless steel to insure materials are safe from the elements and remain securely in place.
  • These materials provide for insulation and offer greater thermal mass for storing heat for extended times without adding excessive weight to the oven
Heavy Gauge

Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel

  • High quality Grade 430 Stainless Steel 3/64” 16 Gauge #4 Finish that offers a fabulous stand-alone unit or blends in with other stainless steel outdoor appliances.
  • Stainless steel interior has the benefit of retaining steam and moisture, as vapors are trapped inside. This offers better performance for crust lift and expansion and especially important when baking bread.
Coking Surface

One Flat Cooking Surface

  • It provides a smooth continuous surface to place and move wood around without catching any individual tile or brick edges while repositioning and distributing during the heating cycle.
  • It provides an even surface for moving pizzas and pans.
  • It allows for easy cleaning of dust and embers as they can be continuously swept without falling into spaces.
  • Most importantly, because the entire surface is continuous, heat can be conducted laterally due to the fact that it doesn't have to jump any gaps between bricks or tiles. This yields more uniform cooking of the bottom of your pie.
Pizza Oven Door

Oven Door Design

  • Tight and positive seal oven door design.
  • Secure and substantial oven door prevents accidental opening.
  • It provides a weatherproof barrier to protect the oven interior.
  • Front opening flap allows for viewing and airflow.
Lifting Handels

Removable Lifting Handles

These provided for safer initial and future placement.