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All ilFornino Ovens can be Countertop Ovens

A countertop wood-fired pizza oven is the ideal solution for outdoor kitchens with limited outdoor space. ilFornino countertop ovens will become part of your decor and provide an added cooking convenience especially during hot summer months. No more cooking inside your home but enjoying al fresco living. A good countertop kitchen design is the result of good planning. Your kitchen flow is very important and crucial to a successful cooking experience. When designing your outdoor kitchen take into consideration the height of your countertop. A good counter height for a wood fired ovens depends on your height. It is the ability to see inside the oven without arching or bending your back. Once you place your ilFornino oven on top of your countertop, you should be able to see the back of the oven without having to bend your back. Leaving a working space or preparation area next to your wood fired oven is a crucial element in wood fired cooking. . You will need space to stretch your dough and make your pizza. Also, do not forget to make space for the cooked food. At ilFornino we strive to make a variety of countertop pizza ovens to suit your lifestyle decor.

Salient Features


Modern Ceramic Insulation

Cooking Surface

One Flat Cooking Surface

Heavy Gauge

Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel

Pizza Oven thermometer

Offset Door Mounted Thermometer

spark arrestor chimney

Removable Chimney


Removable Ash Box

Most Popular Counter Top Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

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