Mini "F" Series

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The Mini F Series wood fired pizza ovens are available in both basic and professional models. Offering similar function to their larger counterparts, but taking space into consideration. These ovens are capable of cooking pizzas in as little as two minutes, saving you time, energy, and space. The main differences between the basic and professional models come down to flooring, insulation and thickness of the stainless steel. Where the Basic Mini series only has a thin layer of refractory insulation, the professional boasts two layers of refractory ceramic fiber insulation. The Professional Mini comes with the one-Flat-Cooking-Surface™ while the Mini Basic comes with multiple bricks for the flooring. Furthermore, the Mini Professional comes with a thicker gauge stainless steel. A cart is also available for purchase that supports both models, for those who would prefer to have their wood fired pizza oven free standing as opposed to on a countertop. Both ovens come complete with handles, a brush, and pizza peel.