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Hands-On Live Pizza Class  By IlFornino Academy New York

Hands-On Live Pizza Class By IlFornino Academy New York

Posted by ilFornino New york on 6th Aug 2021

Come Join the Ultimate Cooking Experience

ilFornino offers pizza cooking classes to enrich people's pizza making experience of creating authentic traditional Neapolitan pizza. We offer various courses to meet for each enthusiast:

✔️  Back To The Basics: In this class, we focus on how to make a true Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizza. Learn the proper wood-fired pizza cooking and handling techniques using the ilFornino Pizza Ovens.

✔️  Let's Cook: This class will expand your knowledge about making dough from scratch as well as learning different stretching and cooking techniques.

✔️  Wood Fired Cooking - Complete Dinner Class: This class is perfect for individuals who want to expand their knowledge into making a three-course meal from scratch. Preparing & cooking the main entrée, mastering a dessert, and fire management techniques will be included in the class. 

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