Course Number

iPA 12

Course Duration

2 Hours

Student Limit

10 - 12


Chef Fatima



About Class:

Chef Fatima Mortada will be at the ilFornino Pizza Academy (IPA) in September 2021. In this introductory course, you will learn the art of making a true Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizza. The chef will also demonstrate the proper wood fired pizza cooking and handling techniques using the ilFornino Pizza Ovens.

Who should attend:

“Going Back to the Basics” is a great course for individuals buying a new oven and for those who want to learn the basics of wood fired cooking.

Topics Covered:

  • Learning about the different types of wood to use in the word fired pizza oven.
  • Starting and maintaining the fire
  • Stretching the dough. Learning how to stretch the dough
  • Cooking the Neapolitan Pizza in a wood fired pizza oven
  • Enjoying your tasty creation at our pizza party

Why ilFornino Pizza Academy:

  • International Chef
  • No rush atmosphere
  • Hands on learning
  • Classes are limited to insure your get a personal attention
  • Every student has their own station - no sharing of stations
  • Free Parking


Fatima Mortada

Fatima Mortada

Chef Fatima Mortada is a New Yorker/Lebanese Chef who grew up in a large family on a farm in Lebanon. From a very young age, Fatima learned to appreciate food and developed a deep connection to her grandma’s kitchen. Chef Mortada continued her culinary journey in the United Sated by working in several well-known restaurants in New York City, Los Angeles and Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to being a chef, Fatima is a great food photographer/stylist and blogger.

Covid19 Notice:

Please note that all class attendees will be required to show their vaccination certificates upon signing in as well as to adhere to Mask wearing while inside the facility.

Our facility will be sanitized on a regular basis between classes. We take your safety very seriously.

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