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February 9th is NATIONAL PIZZA DAY

February 9th is NATIONAL PIZZA DAY

Posted by ilFornino New York on 7th Feb 2019

February 9th is National Pizza Day. It is a celebration of that wonderful category of food Americans have grown to love.

Pizza was created in the 1800’s in Naples Italy. However, it wasn’t until after World War II, did pizza become very popular. Before then, pizza was only available in ethnic centers in the US, such as Little Italy. American soldiers who fought in Europe during WWII were introduced to pizza in large numbers. Once the war ended, many returning Americans decided to open pizza parlors, and propagate their pizza experience throughout the country. Their creativity has expanded the realm of pizza by producing popular variations, such as Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, that create identifiable uniqueness local to certain areas. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Homemade Pizza

In order to pay homage to pizza, National Pizza Day was created to remind us of that previously unknown food and its impact it has on our collective taste buds. In order to celebrate properly one must, of course, eat pizza. As you can imagine, there may be a large group of people either ordering in or go to one of their favorite pizza joints. However, people in the know will make sure they fire up their  ilFornino wood fired pizza oven to experience the best pizza. If you are among those fortunate to bake your own pies, be sure to plan ahead. Gather your ingredients, make your dough ahead according to your favorite recipe and invite your friends and family. The timing couldn’t be better as February 14 th is St. Valentine’s Day. Who knows? You might get lucky. But either way, you would have enjoyed a great pizza experience.

The folks at ilFornino wish you a very happy National Pizza Day. Let us know how yours turned out.

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