ilFornino High Heat Oven Gloves - Ultimate Pizza Oven Companion

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Fornino High heat Gloves
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Looking for the ultimate pizza oven companion that can handle the heat? Look no further than our Wood Fired Oven Pizza gloves!

Crafted from 100% Aramid flame retardant fabric, these gloves provide unparalleled high heat protection, shielding your hands from temperatures up to a scorching 1200°F. Whether you're baking pizzas in the wood-fired oven, searing steaks in a cast iron skillet, or making bread in your ilFornino oven these gloves are the perfect tool for keeping your hands safe and comfortable.

Not only are they designed to keep your hands safe, but they're also incredibly comfortable and flexible. Our gloves feature a winning combination of 100% silicone, Aramid fibers, and a soft cotton lining, which provide outstanding flexibility, agility, and comfort for grabbing hot skillet handles and BBQ tongs. You won't have to worry about bulky oven mitts or potholders hindering your control - our gloves are adjustable for men and women, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

In addition to their superior heat protection and flexibility, our gloves boast high-performance quality that's unmatched by traditional leather gloves. They're four times stronger than leather, making them resistant to cuts and ideal for wood-fired pizza oven cooking. Plus, they feature non-slip silicone around each finger and longer sleeves to shield your wrists and forearms from stray sparks, ensuring your safety in any cooking scenario.

So why settle for less when you can have it all? Upgrade your cooking game with our Wood Fired Oven Pizza gloves and experience the ultimate combination of protection, comfort, and performance.