ilFornino® Fiamma Rossa – Mini 28" x 21" Cooking Area - Wood Pizza Oven Counter Top

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ilFornino® Fiamma Rossa – Mini
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Cooking Surface 588 SQ. IN. Fuel Wood Fired Pizza Capacity 2 - 10" UL Certified NSF / ANSI 4Food Safe Materials

ilFornino® Fiamma Rossa – Mini Stainless Steel Wood Burning Pizza Oven Counter Top

The Fiamma Rossa Mini 28" x 21" - Counter Top is one of the highest quality pizza ovens manufactured by ilFornino. It is made from 14-gauge, brushed stainless steel with straight flawless continuous welding that shows excellent workmanship. The Unique Dodecagon (12 sided polygon) Double Dome houses 6 inches of Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation for maximum heat retention and helps keep the oven cool to the touch on the outside. 

The ilFornino® One Flat Cooking Surface™ guarantees an even heat distribution and retention as well as a continuous surface for placing and moving items around the oven floor without hanging up on unexpected edges. There are no groves to retain dust and embers for a completely clean floor. On average, this oven takes 25-30 minutes to heat up, retains the heat at 750+ °F, stays hot up to seven hours by adjusting the chimney damper which is great for baking breads, bagels, pies, cookies, and anything that requires floor heat. You can cook a pizza in 90 seconds.

The dome mounted 900°F Thermometer lets you know the retained thermal mass temperature of the oven, even it the insulated door is removed. ilFornino® Fiamma Rossa Mini Wood Fired Pizza Oven arrives ready to use, as it requires no initial break-in period. Simply place the oven on top of an outdoor kitchen mantel by using the 4 provided removable carry handles. The 588 square inch cooking area is large enough to fit 2 12” pies or 3 10” Pies.  Thermal mass is about 8-10 Hours for superior heat retention. 

It includes  4 carrying handles, and the user Manual and it comes with a 1 Year Warranty. ilFornino® Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven is proudly assembled from local materials in Valley Cottage, New York.

Measurements & Technical Info:

  • Oven outside dimensions: 30.25 ” L x 36.25” W x 21" (to the base of the Chimney).
  • Chimney dimensions: 28” H x 4.5” Outside Diameter.
  • Cooking area is about 588 square inches. 21” L x 28" W x 13.5 " H.
  • Door Opening dimensions: 21.5 ” W x 8.75” H.
  • Counter Top dimensions required for installation:  28" L (there is an additional 2.75” Overhang) x 36.75 " W
  • Oven net weight: 240 lbs.
  • Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation (6” Dome, and 4” Base)  – Thermal Mass 8-10 Hours
  • Heating Time: 30 Minutes
  • Pizza Capacity:  2   12” pies or 3 10” pies
  • Grade 430 Stainless Steel 0.075" / 14 Gauge #4 Finish


  • Oven, Insulated Door, and Chimney
  • 4 Metal 5” Carrying Handles
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

Other Details:

  • Table / Counter Top
  • Insulated Door
  • Heavy Gauge 430 Stainless Steel
  • 6” Thick Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation
  • Flat Cooking Surface™ 1.5" Refractory Stone
  • Cooking area is about 588 square inches.
  • Rated for Indoor use with the proper double wall chimney and exhaust fan - available in our accessories section.

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Unique Features of the ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Fiamma Rossa

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    Loved it..

    Posted by Profart on 7th May 2020

    Product quality is good. With a little practice, you can get the heat modulated at a wide range of temps. I was able to get consistent temperatures from 350 - 900 for different cooking purposes. Using 00 flour and Italian yeast and stone temp around 750 +made wonderful pizza.