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Woodfired Oven: Getting Most Out Of Your Oven

Woodfired Oven: Getting Most Out Of Your Oven

Posted by ilFornino New York on 30th Apr 2018

To call it a Wood Fired Pizza Oven is just part of the story. 

When I told my wife I was looking to get a wood fired pizza oven, she thought I was crazy. She asked, “How often do we eat pizza or even need to eat pizza?” The truth is, that a retired couple living in South Florida with health challenges might want to re-think this idea. However, I thought about it and rationalized it as follows.

Wood Fired Vegetables Wood Fired Chicken

  • Sure you don’t eat pizza every single day, but when you do, it better be good.
  • Pizza it the first thing you cook in the wood fired oven. Pizza requires a very hot oven and continuous flame licking across the top of the dome to reach down and reheat the stone on the bottom and melt the toppings.

However, as time goes on and you have baked your last pizza, you can prepare a host of other items as the temperature slowly decreases. I usually prepare as follows:

700 degrees plus with flame: Wood fired pizza and fire roasted peppers.

500-600 degrees and no flame: Beer butt chicken, roasted eggplant, butternut squash, and baking potatoes in foil. Prime rib sear, or leg of lamb. Trays of cut up veggies with olive oil and rosemary for roasting. Whole corn on the cob in their husks or aluminum foil.

Wood fired oven

Wood Fired Oven

Spread out the coals and insert an ilFornino Stainless Steel Grill to grill up some steaks and chops, with grilled fish or veggies.

400 degrees: Rustic bread. Fish on a platter, or steamed in the paper.

350 degrees: Delicate bread, cakes, and pies.

300 degrees: Finish off a prime rib. Reheat pizza or items for dinner.

The key is having everything lined up and ready to go in the morning. Let your imagination run wild. Make meals ahead of time without heating up your house.

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