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Wood Fired Pizza Oven Accessories

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Accessories

Posted by ilFornino New York on 23rd Oct 2018

So you have your New Wood Fired  Stainless Steel Oven and you're ready to go.... or are you??? Do you have everything needed to get started???

Well, What Do You Need You Are Asking Yourself ??? (Good Question) -  Accessories!!

Things that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, operate better, versatile, last longer or attractive. So let's get started, make sure you have a Turning or Banjo Peel. A very crucial tool which is a 6" round peel that allows you to spin your pizza in the oven so you can achieve an even cook! The turning peel is also a great tool to retrieve the pizza.

Item #2 would be a Perforated Peel, this peel will help you get the pizza into the oven, the pizza will slide off very easily and the perforations will help the flour on the bottom of the pizza fall off, you don't want flour on the bottom of your dough because it will burn!

The above two items will help you with handling the pizza, you're also going to need some tools to help you manage your fire. Also, you are going to need a high quality dried hardwood and a Commercial Grade Brush to clean your oven. A Rake will be needed to push and situate the wood in your oven.


Pizza Peel

Other tools that will help you keep your oven not only clean but easier to operate would be a Shovel to clean out the ashes. A Stand for your Tools which will help keep things organized. The Log Guard is a stainless steel guard that not only holds the wood logs and prevents them from rolling onto your food but it forces the flame to hit the dome thus creating a wave with the flame and evenly heating your oven.

A great tool to make your Wood Fired Oven more versatile is to add a Cooking Grill which will enable you to cook meats, etc... Also, I just bought myself a handheld Infrared Digital Thermometer which will give you an accurate reading of how hot your oven is. Finally, a Cover to keep your oven clean and in good shape for many years!!

The above-mentioned  Oven Accessories will help you Get The Most Out of Your Wood Fired Oven and make your cooks a more enjoyable experience!