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Wood Fired Pizza in 90 Seconds by ilFornino Oven

Wood Fired Pizza in 90 Seconds by ilFornino Oven

Posted by ilFornino New York on 13th Sep 2015

Ready? Drench the dough in flour and get your  pizza peel ready. Add some flour and use your fingertips to go around and around the dough, pressing down gently. You’ll see air bubbles forming. That’s a good thing. It means your pizza dough is alive and breathing. Pinch the crust as you go, forming an edge. Give it a little more dough on the outside rather than towards your fingers.

Now take the dough and give it a few slaps back and forth with your hands. The dough will expand. Toss it into the air a few times, then lay it on the pizza peel and add tomato sauce. The sauce we use is fresh from California with salt, pepper, oregano, and crushed plum tomatoes. Nothing imported, since America has the best of everything!

Lay some fresh mozzarella atop the sauce, pinching it with your fingertips. Add as much as you want. Now your pizza is ready to bake.

Remove the front panel of the door from the ilFornino New York  Professional Plus Wood Fired Pizza Oven and set it aside. Lay the pizza inside the oven and start your timer. In 90 seconds, you will have a beautiful pizza to enjoy with friends and family! After 10 seconds, lift the pizza up from the stone and give your happy pizza a twirl as it bakes away in your oven.

The ilFornino shape creates a dome. That’s why you want to raise the pizza to the roof of the oven to cook it. Hot air rises and this is where you want your pizza to be for the last couple of seconds of the cooking process. It gives the pizza color and flavor. Now your pizza is ready. Add a little basil, fresh Romano cheese, extra virgin olive oil. Now you have a meal that is fit for a king or a queen Margherita!

Not only is this easier than delivery, but it’s more fun and it creates a fiesta atmosphere for those gathered in your home. Everyone can take part. Not into Margherita pizza? You can turn your pizza into a mushroom pizza or a pepperoni pizza. Whatever you’d like. And let the kids have their say. Kids, in particular, love pepperoni! And everyone loves a freshly made pizza!

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