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Wood Fired Oven Tips & Tricks - Oven Temperature

Wood Fired Oven Tips & Tricks - Oven Temperature

Posted by ilFornino New York on 1st Jul 2020

Today our Tip is Oven Temperature. Thermal shock is real and it could happen to any oven flooring, granite, marble etc . . .

What is Thermal Shock? 

TS is the process of fast heating an  outdoor pizza oven surface to a degree that you shock it, this surface does not know how to react but to crack. The same principle applies in reverse. If a surface is too hot and it cools down very fast, the same thing will happen.

How to avoid TS in your wood fired oven? 

It is a good practice to heat the oven by adding wood gradually rather than stuffing the oven with wood in hopes of getting a quicker result. Also, when done using the oven, make sure to close the door and damper, to allow the oven to cool down slowly. 

I hope you find Tip useful. Stay tuned for more Tips & Tricks for your Wood Fired Ovens.