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How to bake Lobster Surf & Turf in Pizza Oven

How to bake Lobster Surf & Turf in Pizza Oven

Posted by ilFornino New York on 23rd Oct 2017

The ilFornino ovens can be used not only to make great wood fired pizzas but they are excellent for cooking wood fired surf and turf. Today, we bring you here a quick video to inspire you to try making different food in your ilfornino portable wood fired oven. Here are few tips on how to make wood fired lobster 2 ways:

These all you need:

  1. Stainless steel deep pan
  2. Lobsters cut into half
  3. Lemon juice and butter (1 lemon, 1 stick of butter)
  4. Fish stock (2 cups)
  5. Salt and pepper to taste

Method 1: Put all ingredients into the pan and bake for about five minutes next to the fire. Make sure you have a nice flame. After five minutes, bake for an additional two minutes away from the fire. Try to put the pan close to the opening. You got yourself a delicious wood fired Lobster bake.

Method 2: Another way to get your lobsters done whole is to STEAM them, rather than boil. That is to have them elevated from 2 or 3 invhrd of boiling water in a tightly closed pot.

Once a rolling boil is achieved, introduce the Lobsters, cover the pot with a tight fitting heat proof lid and steam for 8 minute per pound for the first pound and 3 minute per pound for each additional pound. Remove and cold shock the Lobsters in water to stop the cooking process if you want to split them and sear again. Else, just eat them with drawn butter.