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Grill Ribeye Steaks in Wood Fired Oven

Grill Ribeye Steaks in Wood Fired Oven

Posted by ilFornino New York on 1st Aug 2020

Cooking wood fired Ribeye Steaks in your  ilFornino Wood Fired Oven puts steaks on a different level. The flavor is just unmatched. It is easy to cook steak in your wood fired oven. Start with your seasoned steaks. Gather the wood charcoal to the front of the oven. Make sure you have a live fire. Put your ilFornino  Cooking Grill on top of your Charcoal and let it heat up for 10 Minutes. Drop your steaks on the ilFornino Grill. After 3 minutes turn the steaks to the other side. A total of 6 minutes will give you a beautiful medium-rare.

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