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Buffalo Chicken Pizza in Wood Fired Oven - Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Pizza in Wood Fired Oven - Recipe

Posted by ilfornino New York on 23rd Jan 2020

Buffalo Chicken Wood Fired Pizza finished with Blue Cheese.

This pizza is one of the most popular pizza among chicken wing lovers. It combines Buffalo sauce as well as Blue Cheese. It is great for football Sundays as well as other gatherings. We are using the  ilFornino Elite Chef’s Edition to cook our wood fired pizza. The ilFornino Elite is a traditional Pompeii shaped dome that locks the heat in for the ultimate cooking experience. It is a traditional Neapolitan oven and can climb in temperature up to 1100F. 

For the Buffalo Chicken Wood Fired Pizza - 

♦ Stretch the dough, do not be afraid to exert some pressure. Keep in mind that you want to make the dough as round shaped as possible as it will be harder to make it rounder once it is fully stretched. 

♦ Use hot Buffalo sauce as your base (instead of tomato sauce). Put a good amount of sauce but do not overdo it as it might get really spices unless you like it very spices. 

♦ Add a combination of Mozzarella and Provolone Cheese. 

♦ Finally, add little pieces of Chicken. You can use a chicken cutlet that is thinly diced or you can put larger strips of chicken and off to the oven. 

♦ The right tools are key in cooking like a professional. In this video, we are using the ilFornino  12” square pizza peel with the 36” handle. We are also using a turning peel 6" round with 34" handle to toss the pizza around and retrieve the pizza.

Cooking time should be 90 seconds. You might have to dome the pizza. Doming the pizza is a term that refers to lifting the pizza up to the dome for a few seconds so as to achieve a quick cheese melt. Once you place the pizza in the ilFornino Elite Chef’s Edition let it sit until you see the crust starting to rise then spin it 45 degrees and make sure you keep it in the same spot. After 10 seconds spin again and keep on spinning it until it is fully cooked from all sides. Take the pizza out of the oven and add Blue Cheese. It is now ready to serve. Enjoy!!!

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