ilFornino ® Grande G-Series 35.5" x 35.5" Cooking Area - Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Stand

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550.00 LBS
Grande G-Series - Wood Fired Pizza Oven
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Cooking Surface 1260 SQ. IN. FuelGas & Wood Fired Pizza Capacity 6 UL Certified NSF / ANSI 4Food Safe Materials

ilFornino® Grande G-Series – Wood Fired Stainless Steel Pizza Oven with Stand

The Grande G 35.5" x 35.5" Cooking Area oven is one of the premium pizza ovens manufactured by ilFornino New York. It is made from heavy duty 304 14-gauge stainless steel with an outer dome that can be powder coated Black (optional) to fit any décor. It comes with the UL / NSF certification that is required for use in light commercial settings such as wineries, breweries, wedding halls, catering, trailers, and country clubs. The flawless, straight continuous welding highlights the excellent workmanship. The Double Steel Dome houses 6 inches of Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation for maximum heat retention, while keeping the outer oven cool to the touch.

The G-Series come standard with a passive venting system that directs the heat in the oven to maximize efficiency. This unique design allows the exhaust to escape through the front mounted chimney only after the hot air had traveled to the back of the oven and then forward inside the chamber controlled by the damper. This insures faster and more efficient heating with greater heat retention within the oven structure. On average, this oven takes 30-40 minutes to heat up. Once heated, you can cook a pizza in 90 seconds with zero recovery time. Its thermal mass can retain heat at 750+ °F and stay hot for up to eight hours by adjusting the rotating chimney damper. This creates the perfect environment for baking breads, bagels, pies, cookies, and anything that requires steady floor heat.

The ilFornino® One Flat Cooking Surface™ stone that guarantees an even heat distribution and retention.  A flat surface also insures complete cleaning of the oven floor. The dome mounted 900°F Thermometer lets you know the retained thermal mass temperature of the oven, even if the door is removed.

ilFornino® Grande G Wood Fired Pizza Oven arrives ready to use, as it requires no initial break-in period.  It is made to fit on top of an outdoor or indoor kitchen mantel by using the 4 provided removable carry handles.  For indoor use, we do offer the double wall chimney and exhaust fan at an additional cost.

The 1260 square inch cooking area is large enough to fit 6 12” Pies.  Thermal mass is about 8-10 Hours for superior heat retention. It includes 4 carrying handles, and the user Manual. ilFornino® Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven is proudly assembled from local materials in Valley Cottage, New York.

Measurements & Technical Info:

  • Oven outside dimensions: 46.25” L x 45” W x 20” (to the base of the Chimney).
  • Single wall chimney dimensions: 32” H x 6.25” Outside Diameter.
  • Cooking area is about 1260 square inches. 35.5” L x 35.5" W x 10" H.
  • Door Opening dimensions: 34” W x 7.5” H.
  • Cart / Stand dimensions:  37" L x 42.25" W x 45.5" H.
  • Oven net weight without stand: 550 lbs.
  • Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation (6” Dome, and 2” Base) – Thermal Mass 8-10 Hours
  • Heating Time: 30-40 Minutes
  • Pizza Capacity:  6  12” pies
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel 0.075" / 14 Gauge #4 Finish and 304 Powder Coated top (optional)


  • Oven, Door, and Outdoor Chimney
  • Heavy Duty Stand with Wheels and Storage Shelve
  • 4 Metal Carrying Handles
  • UL / NSF ANSI 4 Certification
  • User Manual

Other Details:

  • Table / Countertop Compatible
  • Passive Directional Venting Chimney with Damper
  • Heavy Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • 6” Thick Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation
  • One Flat Cooking Surface™ 2" Refractory Stone
  • Stainless Steel Cart / Stand with Wheels – Pre-assembled
  • Cooking area is about 1260 square inches.
  • Rated for Indoor use with the proper double wall chimney and exhaust fan - available in our accessories section.


Optional Gas:

  • Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) - Jet Burner IF-GB4-LPG 84,911 BTU
  • Natural Gas (NG) - Jet Burner IF-GB4-NG 64,601 BTU

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    We love our outdoor pizza oven!

    Posted by James C. Liao on 15th Sep 2021

    Easy to use, great quality, outdoor pizza oven that cooks pizzas to perfection. I like that you can use charcoal or wood/pellets. We also use the oven for a lot more than just pizzas, super fun to use. I really like the look of it as well, sharp design and extremely portable.