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Wood Fired Margherita Pizza at Pizza Academy

Wood Fired Margherita Pizza at Pizza Academy

Posted by ilFornino New York on 20th Feb 2020

Today we are making Wood Fired Margherita Pizza in  Elite Chef Edition Outdoor Pizza Oven by ilFornino. This oven has a circular Pompeii shaped dome that you see in a traditional wood fired oven.  In this video, we are doing a cross between the Neapolitan and New York Style Pizza. You will see the char and leopard spot like the Neapolitan Pizza and got the thinness and crispness just like New York Pizza. For the dough recipe, click here.  

We are using the fresh Tomatoes adding a little bit of salt, pepper, and oregano or if you want to go for homemade pizza sauce, you use can use the  San Marzano Pizza Sauce Recipe. 

Add the fresh Mozzarella on the top of pizza sauce and add Olive oil. We always prefer using the best quality ingredients. 

Make sure your oven is hot enough to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to cook the pizza. In case the fire dies out, add an extra log to lit the oven. Use the  square pizza peel to slide your pizza in the wood fired oven. Use round turning pizza peel to rotate the pizza inside the oven. Cook the pizza until the cheese melted and the bottom cooks perfectly. Once the pizza is cooked take it out and dress it with fresh basil leaves and Enjoy!! 

If you own a pizza oven or thinking about buying one, if you know how to make wood fired pizza or not, come visit us, ilFornino Pizza Academy. We are running different pizza and cheese classes for all the cooking enthusiasts who love wood fired cooking and pizza.  Book Now

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