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What makes Professional Plus Oven so Special?

What makes Professional Plus Oven so Special?

Posted by ilFornino New York on 14th Mar 2019

You don’t need a Ph.D. in thermodynamics to see that ilFornino® sells a wide variety of wood fired pizza ovens. Each one has certain specifications that fit particular needs and budgets. From the weekend warrior that occasionally produces great pizza, to the seasoned professional, whose livelihood demands a high quality reliable wood fired oven to execute consistently great pizza on a daily basis, they have a model that would fit these requirements and everything in-between.

Choosing the right oven can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to deal with which manufacturer, but also within each manufacturer, which model suits your needs. Today, I would like to focus on the  ilFornino Profession Plus Wood Fired Oven and explore the unit on a host of levels. After a long review process, I decide to zero in on the ilFornino® Professional Plus Series. My research led to this model because of the unique features and value this oven brings. I will highlight the features and benefits, and try to articulate why this particular unit is preferable to others both within the product line and how it stacks up to the competition. A major part of my analysis is hinged on the fact that his oven is suitable for both casual and professional use and has a decent capacity for most requirements. Also, I wanted to stay within a reasonable price point that most people would be comfortable with and assume that the cart feature solves the problem of placement and portability. The cart allows for the quickest set up, unless you happen to already have or are planning to provide a base for the unit.

The Professional Plus Oven has a list of features that are similar to the ilFornino Professional all aspects, even the shipping costs, except that the Plus version has an adjustable height cart and two stainless steel preparation areas that mount on either side of the unit.

So why is this Plus worth the extra cost? Well for me it’s easy to justify.

  1. shopFirst of all, you are getting two finely crafted stainless steel side shelves; each 12 by 43 inches. This comes in very handy, as all too often, users find themselves setting up external tables to place needed items in close proximity to the oven. Sometimes, the material of these tables are made of are not conducive to the high temperature of pizza production and are not easy to clean. They are prone to being knocked over by either wind or people.

  2. The height of the table is adjustable from 30 inches to up to 42 inches. The obvious benefit is to accommodate the ease of use for people of various heights. Not having to excessively bend over to use the oven, adds to the enjoyment of the experience of wood fired ovens. This is obviously highlighted in all the literature and demonstrations. However, I have two additional benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are number of people who already have outdoor kitchens that include built-in grills, smokers, sinks and even refrigerators. At time of construction, or when they bought their home, a  wood fired pizza oven was not an option. The adjustable height feature comes into play when adding the oven to al fresco kitchen, and would like to match the height of the existing unit. Another potential use, although less likely, is that the unit needs to be placed on an uneven surface. That is to say, a step on one side or front or back. You can easily alter one side or the other to accommodate such a contingency.

Now I’d like to explore the unique features Professional Plus Pizza Oven shines above other IlFornino units, as well as the competition:

  • The Professional Plus Oven is a great size for the value. It provides a good 1007 square inch cooking surface within a great price point.
  • It has a rear mounted ash box for convenient removal and can allow for multiple cooks before doing so.
  • shopLike most models, it has a thick one flat cooking surface for great heat retention and ease of pie placement, rotation and removal without hanging up. It also insures that unwanted particles can be completely swept or blown away insuring a clean surface. This feature is not available on most competitors units.
  • High quality 430 stainless steel and expert welding are key to a long-lasting, reliable unit.
  • As with all other ilFornino® units, it comes with great customer service. This U.S. company, over the years has been introducing more models, and is invested in making sure that each unit lives up to it’s reputation. They also are involved with professional equipment other than pizza ovens, and enjoy greater diversity to insure longevity and the ability to improve their designs.
  • ilFornino® is dedicated to educating the public on being able to produce great tasting food, which includes pizza, as well as a full range of other foods. With classes, demonstrations, videos and information on their website, they keep us engaged in the usefulness of their product. If you happen to be in the area, their showroom and staff will help you make the perfect choice.

I hope my observations and conclusions were useful in helping you understand the benefits of the Professional Plus Oven. More detailed specifications are available on the  website.

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