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Must Have Accessories for Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Must Have Accessories for Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Posted by ilFornino New York on 14th Jul 2021

Make the most of your outdoor pizza oven with the right pizza oven accessories and tools. In this Video, you will get to know about those tools and accessories that will help you rotate your pizzas in a much easier way.

Professional 9" Banjo Peel - This Peel is one of the most essential peels that you would own. It turning the pizza in your wood fired pizza oven. 

Professional Perforated 14" Pizza Peel - At ilFornino we make a high quality perforated pizza peel from anodized aluminum which offers incredible strength and durability while keeping the weight light.

Why ilFornio Recommends These Pizza Peels?

Because, Most professionals use extremely long peels with heavy-duty, rounded metal heads to poke their pies at a safe distance from the mouths of their 1,000°F wood-burning, fire-belching ovens.

We hope you find today’s tips useful. If you like our video please Subscribe to our  ilFornino YouTube channel for more tips and tricks for your wood fired pizza oven.