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ilFornino Ovens Help Preserve Past While Cooking

ilFornino Ovens Help Preserve Past While Cooking

Posted by ilFornino New York on 4th Apr 2018

ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Ovens have paved the way to modern cooking while preserving the past. Fueled by wood, the ovens remind us of the way our ancestors cooked. Yet, in addition to direct flame, they are engineered to use three methods of cooking: reflective, convection, and conducive.

Reflective Heat Cooking: With reflective heat cooking, the heat from your ilFornino oven surges from the fire logs to the arch, rebounding onto the food.

Reflective Heat Cooking

The hottest part of the oven is the top of the arch as the heat rises. The pizza pie is often lifted to the top in order to get a shot of extra heat to melt the cheese. This action is called “doming.”

Convection Heat Cooking: Heat that circulates in a wood fired ilFornino pizza oven results in convection heat cooking.

Convection Heat Cooking

Since the fire needs oxygen to burn, cold air enters through the opening of the oven, heats up, and circulates, similar to your home oven fan. Circulating heat around the food ensures that your wood fired pizza or steak is heated from all sides.

Conductive Heat Cooking: The third and primary form of heat is conductive heat, which rises from the cooking floor. As soon as you start your oven, the floor heats. This heat is retained in the floor and disperses into the bottom of your pizza pie. Having a one-flat-cooking floor, like the ones used by ilFornino, is a great way to evenly disperse the heat.

Conductive Heat Cooking

If your oven floor is constructed of several smaller stones or tiles, it will not heat evenly. Multiple bricks will warp, creating a loss of heat, ensuring an uneven cooking of the bottom of your pizza pie. Who wants to eat a half-cooked crust?

Direct Flame Cooking: Since food has direct contact with the flames, direct flame cooking is one of the best cooking methods. The flames caramelize the meat, which is something you can’t achieve with your regular oven.

Direct Flame Cooking

Direct flame cooking gives your pizza pie that wood-fired aroma everyone loves! With  ilFornino wood fired pizza ovens, you preserve old traditions while cooking in modern vessels engineered to provide unmatched taste and optimal flavor.

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