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Dough Ball Storage Option

Dough Ball Storage Option

Posted by ilFornino New York on 6th Feb 2019

For the home pizza chef, one of the challenges is to produce good consistent quality dough. Once the ingredients are purchased they must be measured out and mixed properly. Usually, the first rise is done in a large bowl or container. But ultimately one needs to weigh out the individual balls of dough that will ultimately constitute each individual pie. Those individual balls typically need to mature for some time in a refrigerator to obtain proper consistency and flavor.

Pizza Dough

We are mostly familiar with large flat pans, or boxes to store these balls. However, not everyone has the luxury of all that refrigerator real estate to accommodate such a unit. After all, many people own a Side-By-Side refrigerator that is limited in horizontal space.

To overcome this problem, I have been using Rubbermaid 3 cup TAKE ALONGS containers with lids to house each dough ball. They seem to be ideal for enough dough to produce a 10 to 12 inch pie, depending on how you like your pie thickness. By simply adding a drop of oil, you place a dough ball in (smooth side down), coat the top of the ball, and flip it over to coat the bottom. Seal and store anywhere in your refrigerator.

Besides being able to fit the balls into the refrigerator, they also take up less space when building your pies, especially outdoors. They also remain covered until use, incase you are worried about insects. It is quite simple to handle and remove the dough ball. Just remove the lid and tilt the container until the ball falls gently into a bowl of flour.

Dough Container

Once you are done, simply place the plastic container and lid in the dishwasher. When dry, stack them into each other in the corner of your closet ready for your next adventure.

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