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Build or Buy Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Build or Buy Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Posted by ilfornino new york on 17th Jul 2019


Anyone who is considering a wood fired pizza oven is doing lots of research. In today’s world, the internet and YouTube open up a wealth of information on how to proceed. Too often, there are so many avenues of approach; it becomes confusing to put things into perspective.

So I would like to focus on some of the basic considerations and choices that typically drive one’s decision.

There are two basic camps: Build an oven from scratch or buy a unit that is ready to go that will perform the same basic function. That is to produce great pizza and other baked products.


There is no denying that building your own oven has an element of romance, showing off one’s skill and a deep sense of accomplishment once the oven is finished. All this hinges on your skill level, or ability to get someone with the proper skills to help along the way.

Many decisions are based on costs for securing an oven of a particular size. Many may argue that building it could save considerable money. This is true if you have purchased the proper materials, in the proper quantities and execute the project flawlessly. Flawlessly means that there are no false starts or need to redo certain sections. It also means that the integrity of the final product will withstand the test of time under the most adverse of conditions. When considering the costs, one needs to factor in not just the actual materials, but any tools or temporary structures that will insure an environment that will support the anticipated long building process.

Each phase of the project has certain requirements that must be executed flawlessly:

  • Selection of the oven locationPizza Oven
  • Construction of the base
  • Creation of the oven platform
  • Setting of the oven floor
  • Construction of the interior wall and ceiling
  • The addition of the insulation
  • Adding the outer layer, finishing and clean up

PLEASE NOTE:  There are companies that offer pre-fabricated sections to accelerate the building of a semi-custom oven, but those components will surely increase  the cost of the final product.

Every one of these stages requires proper application and curing times and potentially a temporary shelter or covering to protect from the unpredictable elements. You can appreciate the total time required to get this right. As mentioned before, a host of tools will be required to aid in this construction project. Think of it as you might be building a very small house. It needs to be  correct; else you wouldn’t want to live in it. Keep in mind; while this is going on, you are not yet enjoying your wood fired pizza. (There is a hidden cost for that) And yet, many have chosen this path and have produced some spectacular results. Good for them. But is it good for you.


While there are a lot of folks attempting to build their pizza oven own, I maintain there are many, many more that would benefit from a fine crafted ilFornino  wood fired ovens. There are many to choose from that will fit your budget and your needs.

ilFornino is a testament to great engineering and execution, coupled with quality and backed by impeccable service. They have many great resource videos to insure you’re a successful oven experience that is going to go beyond just pizza. Because these videos are based on the very same ovens you are delivered, the outcome will be predictable and consistent.

What you get from ilFornino®:  Pizza Oven

  • A durable, quality oven that requires minimal setup.
  • The ability to move the unit, if you desire, to accommodate a variety of locations within your property.
  • Innovative features, such as a commercial grade, one flat surface stone floor. No chance of individual tiles buckling and causing your pizza to hang up when being managed during the cooking cycle.
  • Choices of units that fit budget and size requirements.
  • Stainless steel construction that is virtually impervious to the elements. As a Florida resident, I can attest to the harsh environment that my unit has endured, so far, for three years without any issues.
  • The ability to enjoy your oven within days after you order it, verses months from the time you decide to build your own.
  • The ability to take your oven with you if you decide to move or even have an offsite event, thereby extending the usefulness of your oven.
  • Flexibility to either place your oven on a rolling or permanent cart, or placing it on a permanent surface as part of an out-door kitchen.
  • Being part of a large community of owners that can keep one inspired to create great tasting wood fired dishes.
  • Being able to utilize a host of compatible Oven accessories designed to complement the unit.