Utility Bracket - Set of 2

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Utility Bracket

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These utility brackets are a necessary component of any ilFornino oven setup. As space is a premium, and Neapolitan Pizza cooks so fast, having your tools close at hand is a requirement. Mountable on the front or side of most cart-bearing ilFornino ovens (with the exception of the G-Series Grande and Elite models), they hold your pizza peel(s), or other tools, for easy access when cooking in addition to being a simple means of convenient storage. The dual level offset brackets provide space for multiple tools. Theses brackets do not come with mounting hardware, as they utilize the existing hardware on your base. As such, no additional holes need to be drilled. The stainless steel construction provides strength and long life for these brackets that match your ovens decor.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Two Brackets
  • Each Bracket has two holders