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Neapolitan Rotante, the Premiere Rotating Pizza Oven

Neapolitan Rotante, the Premiere Rotating Pizza Oven

Posted by ilFornino New york on 25th Aug 2021

    Looking to buy a commercial-grade rotating pizza oven? It’s a smart move — whether you own a restaurant, bar, brewery, or any other business where food or beverages are served on-site, you can’t go wrong by offering pizza. It may have been invented in Italy, but pizza has become a staple of the American diet — it’s even estimated that the average American eats 46 slices, or 23 pounds, per year. Add to that the fact that pizza is convenient, portable, and endlessly customizable, and it’s almost a universal crowd-pleaser.

    In the past, businesses that wanted to serve pizza had to purchase large, clunky commercial ovens that required specialty knowledge to operate and cost tens of thousands of dollars. But our Neapolitan Rotante Oven by Spinning Grillers, in cooperation with ilFornino, provides businesses with a quick, easy, and affordable way to offer this beloved dish.

    Neapolitan Rotante Oven: the Premiere Rotating Pizza Oven

    Made with commercial-grade stainless steel, the Neapolitan Rotante Oven has jet burners on the bottom to cook the crust to perfection and infrared burners on the top to heat the cheese and toppings to melty, golden-brown perfection. The rotating table, meanwhile, ensures even cooking through and through.

    Saves You Time

    While a competing rotating pizza oven often takes two-and-a-half hours or more to heat up, the Neapolitan Rotante Oven is ready to cook in just 15 minutes. And since it can cook eight to ten 12-inch pies in just 60 seconds, you won’t have to keep your hungry customers waiting.

    Saves You Money

    The Neapolitan Rotante Oven sells at a fraction of the price of a similar rotating pizza oven, which can often cost anywhere between $40,000-$60,000.

    Easy to Install

    No need to buy special handling equipment or knock down walls to get this rotating pizza oven inside — even though the Neapolitan Rotante Oven comes fully assembled, it fits through any standard door. Keep the legs on for a freestanding oven, use the casters that come with it to easily move it around, or remove the legs entirely to fit it on a countertop.

    Versatile & Perfect for Businesses

    The Neapolitan Rotante Oven requires no specialty knowledge to use and is easy to clean, so anyone can operate it. And of course, this rotating pizza oven comes health-department approved with UL and NSF/ANSI Standard 4 certification.

    Because you can control the speed and temperature of the oven, you can even use the Neapolitan Rotante Oven to make other dishes, like flatbread, tortillas, pita bread, and more.

    How to Use the Neapolitan Rotante Oven

    Want to see the Neapolitan Rotante Oven in action? Watch the video below.

    Buy Your Neapolitan Rotante Oven Today

    No matter if you’re looking to add pizza to your menu for the first time, or just upgrade your current operations, the Neapolitan Rotante Oven is the perfect rotating pizza oven for any business. Buy it today, or contact us to learn more...

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