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Q. I have seen similar ovens online how do I know I am buying the original ilFornino, New York Oven?

A. All ilFornino ovens come with our logo engraved on the front. It also comes with a serial number. If you are in doubt call us to verify before you buy.

Q. How long does it take to assemble the oven?

A. All of our ovens come pre-assembled except for the chimney.  Simply use a philips head screw driver and mount the 4 screws that hold it in place.  The cart is also pre-assembled free of charge.  Simply put the oven on top of the pre-assembled cart, roll it to the desired location, and install the chimney!

Q. How many people do I need to carry the oven?

A. Depending on the ilFornino oven you are planning on buying, they range in weight between 150LBS to 350LBS. For example the ilFornino Basic is about 175 LBS. On average two strong people should be able to carry it.

Q. I see you have handles in the picture? Do they come with all ovens?

A. All of out ilFornino Ovens comes with carrying handles. On certain ovens the handles screw in two per side while other have the handles built in.

Q. Do I need to hire help to assemble the oven?

A. All of our wood fired pizza ovens come assembled except for the chimney. The chimney is secured on top of the oven by four screws. You might need help in the placment of your oven.

Q. Who will be delivering my oven?

A. Due to the size and weight of the ovens, they ship out via freight carriers such as UPS, Daylight Transportation, RLCarriers among the few.

Q. Will the carrier call me to set up an appointment?

A. Yes prior to delivery, the carrier will contact you on the provided number. They will set up a time with you for delivery.

Q. Do I have to be at home the day of the delivery?

A. Someone has to be home to sign for the shipment. If the driver attempts to deliver and no one is home, a re-delivery charge of $80 will be applied. The freight company will contact us to notify us that the customer was not at home, we will call you for the re-delivery charge then the freight company will do another attempt to re-deliver.

Q. Can someone else other than me sign for the delivery?

A. Yes, you can have any person sign for the delivery even your neighbor.

Q. What shall I expect on the delivery date?

A. Upon delivery the freight carrier will bring your oven. They will unload it from the truck via a liftgate. They will place it in your driveway.

Q. Can I expect the freight carrier to place it on my deck or in my backyard?

A. No, the drivers are not responsible nor are paid to place your oven in your backyard or on your deck.

Q. Can I pick up my oven?

Yes, you can call us at 914-347-3178 to set up an appointment to pick up your oven. Upon pick up we will load it in your vehicle.


Useful freight information

If you are using one of the following carriers for your shipment, you can track your items using the information below.

A.Duie Pyle (800) 523-5020


Daylight Transport (800) 468-9999


R & L Carriers (800) 543-5589


UPS Freight (800) 333-7400 (option 2)


Ward (800) 458-3625


YRC (877) 330-3321


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